Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So, upon the simultaneous depression of considering throwing in the towel to disability and the thought that focusing on my artwork would possibly open me up to doing what I've always dreamed of, I've been working every minute of everyday that I can on artwork. Through this, I've gotten the confidence to work on my independent stories (Fallen Angel Recruits, which has a new name; Miko, My Monster and Me; Demon City/Angel Night), to realize it's all about the art , and that I'm going to definitely need a better stylus really soon if I'm going to keep this up.

I've also decided that once I finish these pictures I'm going to start with FAR and start outlining and working on concept sketches. Also paneling. I'm also going to work on drawing more fan art to get better at doing so, so that I can start working on the RP comics I want to do for the chats.

Anyway, that's just about it, so onwards to the WIPs!

(Ignore the boobs *shifty eyes*)

Being a shameless fangirl

Update to one of the previous WIPs.

Various works I've sorta started/almost finished

And the current bane of my creativity.

I suppose you can expect more stuff soon! As for now, let's party with Doogie and Elmo! Cuz I wanna party with them!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sensual Art? Pr0nz?(some dirty words...and dirty subject)

So...I've come to a realization lately.

For 11 years now, I've been roleplaying in my chats and drawing my characters. A huge appeal of this for me was to not only interact in that world I was playing in, but the characters in that universe. As such...a lot of my art with canon characters can be viewed as being Mary Sue-ish. And you know what? I don't care anymore.
Seriously. People have a problem with Roxie coming between the Remy/Rogue crap that should have ended ten years ago? People can just close the freakin' window and move on. Because it brings me's the reason why I worked with drawing for so long so far; the ability to draw my creations...interacting with canon. If that means that in an RP, Remy got with Roxie, or Vulcan got with Siri...WTF-ever. I'm gonna draw it if I feel like it.

Once I finally obliterated that "OMG don't wanna get flamed!" thoughts...I was free to work on other "taboo" thoughts I had that I feel has held me back from drawing things for me. And thus we come to our real discussion.

I've been drawing porns. Yes. Hentai, pr0nz, whatever you wanna call it. I'm 26 years old. It seriously took me long enough, and I've seen 14 year olds draw things MUCH more raunchy and nasty than the stuff I've been doing. I haven't even drawn genitals, in actuality, my stuff is only IMPLIED porn. Like many things, I like to leave things to the let the mind wander...not OMFGIHAVEWETPUSSYINMYFACE pictures. Because, my pictures are most of the time RP characters...and events that likely would have been shared between them.

I have to say, it's like a weight lifted off of my shoulders as an artist. I've always liked artistic nudes, I've always liked that romanticism sheets, taffeta ribbons and sheer curtains. To me...that's beautiful.
It's been a step by step process to get to this point(which, as said, has mostly been flashing boobies and implied tenticles. XD). And I haven't been happier.

In all honesty, porn, like art, is subjective. I find most of the stuff on Deviantart lacking in artistic taste and me, if it tells me a story...if something strikes me thinking...that's art to me, whether it's of two characters making out, or just a portrait...that's what I look for in art: Inspiration and EMOTION.
Sex, sensuality, lust, and true love. These have been emotions that I have HAD with my characters...partly with myself...but have never been able to convey before.
I think it has to do with my own a way, my own relationship and how comfortable I am in my own sexuality/sensuality. If things don't work out in your head, how are you supposed to deal with it outwardly and release it?

So...what makes an artist actually comfortable doing pictures like this? I mean...I was once part of the Yaoi fandom. So the crazy boy on boy pictures on Deviantart don't really phase me more than the overexcessiveness of it, though I used to wonder how people have the guts to post it up without worrying about the backlash.
I sort of know now. While I likely won't be posting these pictures on Deviantart, since they've been drawn for myself and RP friends(Though, I'll post 'em up here under NSFW links if people REALLY wanna see them...), I can see the freedom that comes with being able to do it. It comes, again, to the "I don't care what other people think" mindset.

I also think an artist has to be comfortable with their own sexuality/sensuality to pass over this line. Goes for writers, too. Of course, never go outside your comfort zone unless you WANT to. But yeah...

Maybe this is a long worded way to explain my deviancy...Ali's been a bad and dirteh girl...
In any case...I'm loving it.

What are your views on "Sensual Art"? Do you think people who draw it are just sad fanboys/girls needing to get laid or are people comfortable with what they have?

Would you ever cross the line? :3