Saturday, May 30, 2009

For Your Consideration...

We have yet another blog that will make me have to check yet another site. My OCD behavioral therapy isn't doing so hot, it seems.

Cutting to the chase; This, I have decided, will be my art and general pointless ramblings( like right now, the thoughts of someone who has yet to sleep at 6am. Curse you, insomnia) blog, where I shall update people on my creative endeavors, projects, and overall strange and random thoughts on life and this crazy world.

Most of tonight(and most everyday now) was spent coloring sketches I've been working on in Painter X. I cannot express how much my love for this program has been lately. I love doing everything in it from sketch to finalization and am only learning more new things as I go along. While I've been working with Photoshop since middle school (5.5 people!) , it's actually really refreshing to use a program that I feel is virtually like putting my pencil to my sketchbook. I don't feel like total fail when I'm able to do the things I've been doing and utilizing my Photoshop knowledge to make the two programs wonderful bedfellows...and my pictures as their messed up love-child (hey, it worked for Disney and Square-enix) .

So, I sit here, actually watching Henry Selik's Monkeybone, which isn't that bad of a movie if you have a twisted sense of humor (like me!), but really shouldn't be watching in a sleep deprived state. Hot, sleepless nights do this to you...

I think I'm going to put in Mallrats.

So... in short, come here to catch up on stuff, ask me questions, whatever. I shall try to keep you amused.
Sorry, no refunds if I'm defective.

I seriously need to sleep. Like ZOMG now.