Monday, October 10, 2011


So I've been killer busy with my costuming and all, and I still have two Halloween costumes to work on, but Josh keeps pushing me to get back on here and start posting more. I believe we're going to be doing a completely separate blog for our costume projects and cosplay, but for now there's just this hardly used blog...which will hopefully start getting used again soon. *L*

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I really need to start updating this more.

If I forget to start posting here again, check out my Tumblr. I tend to update there with my WIPs more. Careful, though, some might not be safe for work.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Do you still do the BJD thing?

Yes I do! I currently have five dolls, the latest being a Soom Glot!

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You never write, you never call. Don't you love me?

Bitch, hell no! :D

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DC, Marvel, Image, Other or Indie?

I've always been a huge Marvel fan. I started with it back when I was 10 and was hooked. As I get older I realize how much the companies no longer matter, it's all about the love of the genre, so I've moved from reading Marvel to Tokyopop to Onipress and finally picking up my first real DC title.

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So...I totally don't mean to completely forget about this blog. For a while, I forgot about a lot of things, but I'm really trying to get started on everything all over again.

I'm currently in the works of doing several sketches, WIPs, and comics. Most of which I will be posting here as soon as I can remember!

I'm really sorry about being dead in the water here...I definitely want to rectify that!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Digital Evolution?

So I wonder lately about my art. I love traditional work. I love doing it. I love watercolors, using markers, my colored pencils… but I’m finding that I’ve been drawing digitally almost exclusively. I don’t know how this reflects on me as an artist and how I’ll be viewed.
I’ve heard people looking down on artists who draw digitally and even though I expect to work traditionally still, I don’t see myself going back to sketchbooks the way I used to.

I love my tablet PC. I use it as my notebooks, sketchbooks… it’s just so versatile. You see, I’m a perfectionist, really. If I don’t like the way my handwriting looks, I have to re-do the entire page. If I draw a sketch and something looks off, I have to use a brand new page. I don’t have this problem with my tablet. If I like the way I draw, say, an eye, but the proportions on the face are wrong, all I would have to o is select and move it where it belongs, where I would previously erase over and over and eventually give up and turn the page. Honestly it’s a much more green method to drawing. I waste less paper and I feel like my art is much better, to be honest. I can also reserve my good paper for my paintings by using print outs and my art projector…it’s all good, if you ask me.

So why do “real artists” gripe so much about people doing digital art not doing it “correctly”. Work is still done, isn’t it? A piece is still drawn, and a statement is still made. So what’s the deal?

What are your opinions of this change in art in a fast-growing digital age? Are artists who draw exclusively digital not real artists?